Who do you serve?

We serve underemployed individuals age 18 and older who have barriers to employment and are eager to work. Our foodservice training program provides growth opportunities for vulnerable groups such as:

  • Individuals exiting the prison system or substance abuse programs
  • Women rebuilding their lives following domestic violence
  • Refugees
  • Immigrants
  • Non-chronically homeless
  • Minimum age requirement: 18

How long do training courses last?

Our courses vary in length from approximately 60 to 80 hours. These “intensive care” programs meet frequently and offer significant one-on-one time and ample small-group instruction. Most importantly, our programs serve an individual until he or she is ready to thrive independently in the workplace.

Who develops your training programs?

We do. Our training programs focus on fundamental life skills and basics on becoming employable, as well as other industry-specific skills. Our training programs are a work in progress — we are continually learning and gaining valuable feedback from our employer partners and trainees about how we can better meet the needs of those we serve. Our training includes nationally recognized ServSafe certifications: ServSafe Food Handler and ServSafe Manager. Training instructors are certified ServSafe proctors.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently hiring for any positions, however we are always accepting resumes for future opportunities.

Call: 208.258.6800 or email:

How does your model of change work?

We teach skills that cultivate long-term job placement potential. As we help our trainees develop new skills, we have them use those skills to support business ventures that address the needs of our commercial partners. This sustainable relationship, which benefits all parties, is being adopted by surrounding communities.

Why did you start Create Common Good?

Founder and Chair of the Board, Tara Russell said she started CCG to “change the lives of others, and to change my own life.”

Simply put, we launched CCG to help people in need land on their feet, discover their potential and enrich their communities. We wanted to find the common ground among three key areas:

  • The needs of the refugee community and other vulnerable populations with barriers to employment
  • The talents and resources of the greater community
  • Authentic market-driven opportunities