Create Common Good (CCG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit social enterprise whose goal is to empower adults with barriers to employment through foodservice training and job placement assistance. Barriers to employment like previous incarceration, domestic violence, immigration, or addiction can be overcome by gaining confidence through development of valuable job skills.

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We provide a healthy and safe space for empowerment by building confidence in a 21st century workplace environment while developing hard and soft job skills.

Through an 8-week job training program, trainees master essential job skills necessary to be a successful employee in foodservice learning food safety, kitchen safety, and professionalism. At CCG, we serve individuals from all walks of life with varied backgrounds and experiences. One trainee might be a young mother who is working to make the right decision for the safety of herself and her children by leaving an abusive relationship. Another trainee might be a man who has traveled across the world to reunite with his family and needs support in language, culture, and integrating into the workforce. While yet another trainee might be person who is looking for a second chance at overcoming addiction and becoming a contributing member of the community. Although each situation looks different, there is one common goal that unites them: successfully gaining employment and becoming self-sufficient.

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At CCG, we work with adults whose ultimate goal is to become employed, moving from dependence to independence. By partnering with many agencies in the community, we’re able to join forces to reach potential trainees throughout Boise and offer a safe network of support and growth. Partner agencies include the International Rescue Committee, World Relief, the Agency for New Americans, the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and more.

We also have developed a unique social enterprise model that leverages individual and foundational giving through revenues generated by our food production products and services. Business-to-business food production generates sustainable, repeatable revenue allowing CCG to continuously expand our job training program. Production customers include small food businesses working to grow their market, restaurants looking for recipe production solutions, and big food suppliers who need large-scale, high quality products.

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Our organization was founded as a 501(c)3 organization in 1999 as The Momentum Group to serve unemployed, disadvantaged members of the international community. Our mission has always been to help those in dire economic situations by offering job training, professional services and employment opportunities. We launched the organization to teach skills that lead to self-sufficiency and economic independence, bettering the lives of the individuals and enhancing the community.

In late 2008, we became known in the U.S. as “Common Ground,” a job and language skills service industry-training program that included a farm training and employment site in Boise, Idaho. During this time, we used a donated farm as an additional training tool and placed trainees in agricultural jobs. However, this strategy often led to seasonal positions that did not accomplish our ultimate goal of helping others achieve self-sufficiency.  Therefore, we modified our approach and now focus our efforts exclusively on job training and placement in the foodservice industry.

In 2010, we rebranded as (DBA) Create Common Good, positioning ourselves for growth in Boise and beyond. Our goal has been to build an empowerment model that could be used in any community globally serving those with barriers to employment that need the skills and confidence to find employment. We are a passionate, business-minded organization with a dynamic, talented and rapidly growing team.