Create Common Good (CCG) trains approximately 1/3 of the refugee adults entering the state of Idaho annually. Since early 2009, CCG's job-training efforts have impacted the lives of 1500 refugee family members. CCG has built an alternative education system for those who have had little or no educational opportunities throughout their traumatic lifetimes.

Create Common Good places more than 95% of our job training participants and graduates into jobs. We have built a network of great employer partners (and are always seeking new partners!) who love to hire our strong, capable, and determined clients. CCG has also provided jobs for more than 50 jobs over the past 4 years for refugees in need of sheltered employment, paid on-the-job training opportunities.

CCG has fed tens of thousands of people over the past four years through our farms, value-added food products, catering, and production food services. CCG provides fresh, healthy, and convenient foods in a variety of locations throughout the Treasure Valley. CCG believes in quality, natural, whole foods and produces meals primarily from scratch. 

CCG engages 1000 volunteers annually, and has engaged more than 3000 volunteers in our training and feeding efforts since late 2008. We believe it's important to engage the community in the transformative empowerment work that we do.

CCG believes in "teaching people to fish" so that they can achieve self-sufficiency. We work to build both practical skills and much-needed confidence, so that refugees and others in need can find, perform, and retain work. The refugees who participate in our job-training programs have a high rate of success and placement into jobs, and past graduates improve their transportation situations (getting driver's licenses and buying cars), send their children to college, and purchase homes.

CCG provides fresh, healthy foods through our school lunch daily feeding program. We believe that for many low-income kids, a school lunch may be their primary source of nutrition for the day. We also believe that all kids function at a higher level educationally when well fed. Our school lunch production empowers refugees and also feeds kids, a true win-win!