Refugee success story: Keshav

Keshav was one of our first Common Ground trainees and then one of our first farm employees. He joined our farm staff in early 2009. Not long after joining the farm, he was one of many applicants for a job at a food processing factory. He was not only offered an interview, but he was also one of the first people they hired. The reason? Keshav explains:

"They selected me because I had some training experience and I had real work experience here in Boise with you at Common Ground."

We assured Keshav that this was exactly what he had worked for and that moving on to a secure job was precisely the result we had hoped for. Since then, Keshav was promoted at least twice, given certificates for his outstanding work, and was even selected to train others. Keshav is proud to support his wife and baby girl, Kriti, and has even moved his family into a better home.

Refugee success story: Paw Ler Ler

Every month or so we get a "happy call" from Paw Ler Ler. She calls and laughs and tells us that she and her family are happy. She and her husband, Robie, are enjoying their jobs. Her kids are doing well in school. She loves to check-in and let us know and needless to say, we are thrilled that she calls. It seems so simple, but this is why we do what we do. We love to see families thrive and it is all the more amazing to see them overcome barriers to do so.