Our core values all stem from a desire to embrace culture, accomplish good and positively shape community. We believe in the power of collaboration. We go the extra mile as a matter of courseā€¦and we strive to surprise at every turn. We just love to WOW.

How do we do it?

  • Appreciate everyone
  • Engage community
  • Promote understanding
  • Connect people
  • Foster relationships
  • Inspire action
  • Nurture talent
  • Rejuvenate lives
  • Grow good

About Us:

Create Common Good does just that.  The goodness takes many forms: an at-risk family who has struggled becomes economically independent; a child without hope believes in the possibility of a new start in a new community, now that his mother is confident and employed; a local business is able to expand with a committed, new American workforce; a volunteer realizes her dream of writing and learns that sharing her talent fulfills in unexpected ways.

Create Common Good is challenging the way the world looks at 'others' and how communities can come together for mutual benefit.  The people who make up Create Common Good are tapping into the many rewards of being part of something bigger.   We are a body of people passionately committed to disrupting the cycle of poverty while strengthening local communities.  We are families.  We are refugees.  We are business owners.  We are volunteers.  We are anyone who ever wanted to give back.  And we are everyone who has known the joy of doing so.  We are committed to taking the "non" out of nonprofit.  We profit individuals and communities in innovative and lasting ways.

Our vision is to celebrate human resilience and promote lasting recovery and self-sufficiency.  We treasure how different cultures infuse communities with flavor.  We value the personal growth and joy experienced by the volunteers, families, businesses, and organizations that participate.   Together, we are making the world more like it should be.