Spreading the Good: Create Common Good


I finally got the chance to sit in on the culinary training class yesterday. I had the opportunity to watch and learn various techniques to cut and arrange the fruit right along with the trainees. As a result, I got to see several beautiful fruit displays created like the one pictured below!

The culinary program provides a foundation of skills and knowledge, which allows the trainees to go out and become self-sufficient. While the culinary training itself is a major part of CCG, there are several other aspects that allow it to make a difference for the trainees. The story doesn’t end when trainees graduates from the program, but a new chapter begins. CCG loves getting to know the individuals going through the training and wants to see them succeed. The job-search process is geared toward the skills of each individual. When the trainees receive a job, CCG continues to periodically follow-up with them and hear how their stories continue to develop.

On a bigger scale, the community greatly contributes to the programs at CCG. For example, agencies and partners work with CCG to create good. Individuals also volunteer so much time and talent to make the programs happen. Many people in the community help out when they buy food produced on the farm and support the various catering programs. The list could go on and on.

A variety of fruit must be placed together in order to make a fruit platter. The more fruit that is added, the more interesting it gets and the more it contributes to the overall beauty. In a similar way, a diversity of people must come together in order to spread good in the community. It take more than one program and more than one person to create good. So, how can you help spread the good? Consider contributing to the development of our new facility, volunteering time in refugee training, or supporting the farming program. Let’s join together and make a beautiful community!