CCG = train + feed

"CCG provides job-training and employment to refugees and others in need at our farms and in our kitchen. Our food related training programs all prepare at-risk, underserved populations to find, perform, and retain work with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency in our community. Our experiential job and language training courses include a combination of basic life skills training along with hands-on, industry specific job training to best prepare individuals to thrive in their new jobs."

"Our intensive culinary and food service training courses prepare individuals to thrive in food service and hospitality. Our graduates are placed into jobs in corporate cafeterias, hotel restaurants, grocery retail partners, assisted living centers, and other janitorial and food service locations. Ninety-five percent of our 2012 job-training program participants have been placed into jobs, beginning their path to self-sufficiency."

"Our agricultural and farm training program helps individuals gain valuable language and job skills, and also build confidence interacting with the broader community. The farms provide a natural platform for learning, and our customer and volunteer engagement provides continued opportunities for growth and learning."

"We provide broader access to fresh, healthy foods in a variety of ways. Our all natural, pesticide-free produce feeds the communities through a community supported agriculture program (CSA), through retail sales, and through our wholesale partners. We also donate a wide variety of produce to those in need in our community."

"We provide production fresh foods through our school lunch production, along with a wide-variety of other fresh foodservice, catering and events in the community. We believe access to healthy food is an important basic need, and the more we grow our production fresh foods service, the more training and employment we are able to provide the population we serve."