Nate is Great! Meet our newest trainer!

nategreat Nate Walsh joined the CCG Team as a trainer for the Foodservice Job Training Program in September. Nate has taught adult life skills and English for the past 6 years. His background in education plus a fun and engaging approach to teaching makes Nate the perfect fit at CCG! Nate completed his second month of training as October's class graduated on Wednesday. You will often hear laughter and cheering coming from the classroom as Nate's students participate in engaging training games and exercises! Nate has shared a few words about why he came to CCG and what his experience has been thus far: "So far seeing people from all walks of life passing out our doors and finding employment—more accurately empowerment-- and achieving independence from that which previously shackled them has been truly inspiring and provides an awesome feeling within all of us in this community. End-results and employment outcomes aside, however, the tectonic life-shift in which students find themselves here and the journey they tread while within this kitchen —be it four weeks or four months--offers everyone involved daily glimpses into something far beyond the mundane spectra that we all normally perceive; something that speaks ferociously to the indomitability of the human spirit; something that warms even the coldest soul that witnesses the compassion that radiates within these walls". When Nate is not in the classroom, you will probably find him enjoying the great outdoors, reading a good book, or watching baseball (his SF Giants took the World Series, much to the chagrin of Don, our COO, who cheered for his home state KC Royals).