Hip Hip Hooray for Haji

Keep your eyes peeled at the Boise Farmer’s Market this year for recent CCG graduate, Haji! Originally from Somalia, Haji and his family of seven moved to the U.S. ten years ago as refugees in search of a better life. In his home country, Haji was a chef with a passion for exotic African cuisine. Now, he’s bringing these delicious delights to Boise through the help of CCG and META! HajiCollageHaji joined the META program for entrepreneurs last year. His ultimate goal is to run his own Boise restaurant. However, barriers stood in Haji’s way—he needed to learn about American health and safety techniques, and brush up on how to make large quantities of food. Via referral from META, Haji enrolled in both Level 1 and Level 2 of our Job Training Foodservice program. After four months of seeing his smiling face for three days a week, Haji put his hard work and skills to the test and earned the ServSafe® Food Handler Certificate. That following morning, Haji showed up bright and early at META to apply for a Boise Market vendor stall and source his ingredients for his colorful African dishes. Haji is a man of action and determination, taking the initiative on completing each step to fulfill his goal. And, as if Haji's plate wasn't full enough, he did all of this while holding down a job at Sodexo!

We’re so grateful to our supporters, who make our life-changing work possible and we’re blessed to have participants like Haji in our program. Not only was he always ready to learn, but he also brought unique perspectives that taught us about the foodservice sector in Somalia.

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