One, Two, Three, Fou fou!

Treat yourself to a taste of exotic African cuisine - fou fou (foofoo, fufu, ungali, bugali) is a Congolese staple dish eaten at most meals throughout the day. Olivier is a student enrolled in the Level 1 Job Training class at CCG and an avid cook at home. During an important lesson about scaling and reaFoufouding recipes, his recipe took the spotlight as the demonstration recipe. Olivier's fou fou recipe: Yield: 5 people Ingredients: -1 liter water -1 kg cassava flour

Method: 1) Boil water. 2) Once boiling, add half of the flour. Allow to simmer, then stir. 4) Slowly stir in the remaining flour until the dough is thick, but soft. 3) Serve with a pat of butter.

Try this recipe as a side for any number of meals - with veggies, meat, soup- let us know how you like to eat fou fou!

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