Second Chances

Shawnvaya joined our program with the hope of developing her culinary skills and to find meaningful employment. She quickly became part of the CCG family and gained valuable experience working on theuntitled-2367 production team. However, Shawnvaya’s life took a turn and she relapsed. At that point, she believed that she wouldn’t have a second chance to finish the Job Training program and get her life back on track. But we had other plans for her. Shawnvaya walked back through our doors, developed a barrier plan with our instructors, and enrolled once more into training. She completed the program and was placed into a great job in the community.

Today, she has a full time position at a sushi restaurant, where her hard work and talent are valued by her employer. Shawnvaya is completely out of debt and has credit, she has saved for a new home, and most importantly, she is one year sober.

Well done, Shawnvaya- we are proud of you!

Annie McLeodComment