Channel 6 on your side: CCG & St. Luke's team up to provide for kids

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Create Common Good and St. Luke's team up to provide for kids

By Brandon Fonda. CREATED May 18, 2015

The Women’s and Children’s Alliance make it a mission to provide safety, healing, and freedom for victims of domestic violence. Part of caring for the many children that come through the doors each year is providing healthy meals and snacks. For that the WCA is getting extra help.

Now Create Common Good and St. Luke’s are teaming up to fill in the gaps by filling kid’s tummies.

"Avocados, oranges, bagels that are whole wheat, we have some really delicious whole wheat muffins," Kelly Parker, Create Common Good Director of Community Engagement said.

A mere snack for most of us, but Chris Campbell-Davis of the Women’s and Children’s Alliance says the food will go a long way.

"There are so many more positives to having healthy nutritious snacks available than just nutrition which is very important," Campbell-Davis said.

She says many of the kids coming from situations of domestic violence, they come in hungry, and sometimes lack proper nutrition, and until now, the childcare center lacked the proper snacks to feed them. That’s why Create Common Good and St. Luke’s are teaming up to make a change.

"That's where Create Common Good comes in, we can really take care of those logistics, make sure there is a very nutrient rich balanced menu for them and that it's as prepped as possible when it reaches them," Parker said.

The program was made possible through a community health improvement fund grant from St. Luke’s

"They came and said we will help cover that cost to help organizations like WCA make that transition from just stuff that they can afford to things that the kids really need that they'd love to serve them," Parker said.

Each day, Create Common Good will provide the makings for 125 nutritious snacks complete with a daily menu for the kids in the childcare center.

"Our kids benefit, our childcare staff benefits and the parents benefit," Campbell-Davis said.

She says that getting the food prepped and ready will also save countless hours for the childcare staff, allowing them to better focus on the kids.


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