Big Dreams on the Horizon

SifaSifa, originally from Uganda, came to the US last year with the hope of becoming a nurse. Upon arriving to Boise, Sifa quickly realized the many challenges of raising a family of small children in a new country, speaking a language she barely knew, and searching for employment, all the while attempting to navigate the rigorous enrollment process for nursing programs. Regardless of these many barriers, Sifa found her way to CCG. Showing natural talent and perseverance, she quickly worked her way through Levels 1 and 2 and is currently enrolled in Level 3 of Job Training. She is mastering many real world employment skills that will help her succeed in any field. Presently, Sifa is taking CNA prep courses and will take the certification test later this year.

The next time you stop by the CCG Kitchen, say hello to Sifa!

Annie McLeodComment