CCG Announces Final Farm Season

September 18th, 2015 It is with mixed emotions that Create Common Good announces it will no longer operate a community farm after the 2015 farm season ends in October.farm_gallery_1

Beginning in 2010, CCG’s original use of the 3-acre plot of land was as a job training tool for refugees, many of whom already had agricultural experience. As the organization evolved, it became increasingly evident that skills gained at the farm led to seasonal agricultural jobs versus jobs that created year-round income opportunities. In short, it did not accomplish CCG’s goal of transitioning individuals from a place of dependence on the community to a place of self-sufficiency. Consequently, in 2012, CCG discontinued use of the farm as a training tool and shifted its focus to community engagement and education.

During its operation, the CCG Farm has hosted thousands of community volunteers, school field trips, and corporate team-building groups. Each has had the opportunity to experience hands-on life lessons for healthy eating and local food production while connecting with other compassionate people in our community.

We photo 1are overwhelmingly grateful for the hard work and dedication of our Head Farmer, Jen Hurt, who has poured her love and passion into both the plants and the people that have come to tend them. Another huge thanks goes out to Eastwind Community Church who has been a generous and hospitable neighbor and partner over the years – underwriting the cost of water and providing facilities for our staff and volunteers. Last but certainly not least, thank you our funders -- Newman's Own, Whittenberger Foundation, J.R. Simplot Company, and Idaho Botanical Garden's Lunaria Grant -- and to the countless interns, volunteers, and farm community who invested tens of thousands of hours.

In these final weeks, we invite you to share your treasured memories of the CCG Farm via email at and join us for an open volunteer day through October as we each say our fond farewells. Open volunteer days are scheduled for Thursdays and Saturdays, from 9:00am - 2:00pm.

Annie McLeodComment