October 2015 After partnering with Jacksons Food Stores for two years, Create Common Good was commissioned to design a chef-inspired, innovative new product line to be featured on their convection oven menu. This project resulted in nine different products that will be introduced in stores on October 21 – four of which are pictured below.

Jacksons_Munch Large

CCG and Jacksons originally began partnering due to the weekly need for thousands of pounds of freshly diced onions for their in-store hot dog stations. Since the inception of this partnership, CCG has diced approximately 36 tons of onions each year allowing Jacksons’ customers to decorate their dog with fresh, local flair.

Revenue earned in the Create Common Good production kitchen through socially minded community partners like Jacksons is used to fund Create Common Good’s job training and placement program. This program boasts a 91% graduation rate and allows individuals with barriers to employment to move from a place of dependence on the community to a place of independence.

To find out how you can support other CCG food production partners, visit Meet Our Customers. To learn more about Jacksons Food Stores, please visit www.jacksons.com.


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