A note from Jen

Wishing the farm a fond farewell: A note from Jen We recently announced that this would be the final farming season for Create Common Good as our focus is directed to our core mission of job training through our culinary and production programs. As difficult as this decision was at first, I find great consolation in knowing the farm will live on in another’s hands and continue to bring goodness and abundance to Boise.

It is through your incredible support that the farm is the beautiful place it is today. It’s now time to pass along the goodness of this land to an organization that you can be proud of and one that will flourish with your continued support.  The farm has been awarded to our beautiful friend, Ashley Blackwell.  Ashley joined us as a volunteer two years ago and has shared her many talents at the farm, as well as the kitchen. Her start-up non-profit, Fill the Gap Community Garden, will continue our UPick farm model as it grows to serve the needs of the community by growing abundant produce for those who fall in the food gap.

It’s wonderful to know that the framework of the farm at Create Common Good aligns well with her mission to bring food to the tables of many through collaborations with community partners for greater fresh food distribution. I know the garden will provide meaningful opportunities for Boise, while it continues to be a place of empowerment and generosity for all.

I am so grateful for the fullness that my time with Create Common Good, and YOU has brought to my life. Know that your imprint forever remains upon the land and in my heart.

Gratefully yours,

Jen Jen

Learn more about Fill the Gap Community Garden! Ashley Blackwell 239-699-0020 Facebook: Fill the Gap Community Garden Page FillTheGapCommunityGarden@gmail.com Purchase farm shares and donate here: https://squareup.com/market/fill-the-gap-community-garden

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