Treat yourself to something sweet: Mobley's Hand-Crafted Ice Cream

MOBLEY'SOur most recent production customer, Mobley's Hand-Crafted Ice Cream, has added a little bit of sweet to everyday life at CCG. Mark Mobley, the creator of Mobley's, prides himself on sourcing quality ingredients and creating unique, delicious flavor combinations. What makes Mobley's distinct is that it is a non-dairy, vegan frozen dessert. Mark has replaced dairy products with coconut milk, emulating the classic richness and creamy texture of ice cream. The next time you stop by CCG, you may see us churning the frozen goodness in small batches, and periodically taste testing the product - a task that no one complains about. Then, frozen dessert is packed by hand in the kitchen and ready to be enjoyed! You can find Mobley's in the frozen aisle at the Boise Co-op in four flavors - Vanilla Bean,Mobley's Co-op Vanilla Bean with vegan caramel sauce and Bronco Bark, Paupa New Guinea Coffee, and Dark Chocolate. Mark also mixes in a variety of tasty ingredients to base flavors (Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and coming soon - Cinnamon) to create a number of artisanal combinations that you can find on dessert menus at the following restaurants: BBQ4Life, Grind Modern Burger, The Dish, Kind Cuisine Cafe, Lock Stock & Barrel, Lulu's Pizza, and Willow Creek. To learn more, visit:

Annie McLeodComment