New beginnings lead to big dreams

182A7612Sherry grew up along the Boise River. As a young girl, she was taken into state care and passed through a variety of programs, creating an unsteady lifestyle. The people surrounding Sherry became a heavy influence on her decision-making and she began a struggle with alcohol addiction. Making her way through court appointed assistance, she found a strong support system to help her overcome her past barriers. Through prayer, she asked that people who could help her would be placed in her life, and that she could be placed in the lives of those she could help. As a single mother, Sherry worked hard to make ends meet through 4 jobs and dreamed of a day when she could work just one job she truly loved. That’s where CCG came into play. Sherry joined our Job Training program and quickly excelled. She demonstrated patience with other trainees, leadership, and hard work. Upon completing the program, Sherry became an employee of CCG in the production kitchen. She is a natural fit in our family and strives to make her dream come true each day. What is her dream? To open her very own bed and breakfast.

IMG_0032“My experience here, which is learning the skills, was really helpful and exciting but what was even more beneficial to me were the relationships gained through that. And being able to come to work for Create Common Good has really been a blessing. I hope to keep learning more and moving forward in life. What I'm most grateful for is being part of something where other people care so much about others and making a difference in people’s lives. And that’s really what is the greatest blessing out of all of this. My future goals? I don’t really know, at some point, I would like to own my own little bed and breakfast and hope to get there someday. Right now, I just want to learn all that I can and be part of such a bigger picture of making a difference in people’s lives.”

Sherry recently graduated Drug Court and is now 3 years sober. We are proud to walk with her on her journey.

Annie McLeodComment