Impact for GOOD

From the desk of Tracy Hitchcock: Thanks so much for your support of Create Common Good!

Over the last year, many lives have been positively impacted and we’ve witnessed important life changes for our trainees as well as their families. This impact on so many people in our community is made possible through the generous giving of contributors like you. Every gift is used to its fullest.

In 2015, 114 individuals completed our Foodservice Job Training Program, bringing the total of trainees served since 2008 to 551. This year we’ve created an even more robust program, doubling the training schedule to 8 weeks. This means stronger skillsets and professionalism, making it even easier for our employer partners to choose CCG graduates for their businesses. As we move into 2016, we are setting the table for impacting even more lives by adding content to the curriculum, vital hardware in the kitchen for trainee skill development, and awareness of CCG into the employer community.


Please join our 2016 IMPACT FOR GOOD CAMPAIGN Your choice to support CCG has helped make the difference that we want to be known for in the community. One hurdle for any non-profit is consistent funding for programming development. For your donations in 2016, we humbly ask that you consider becoming a member of Amplifiers for Good, an esteemed group of monthly giving donors. By spreading your donation out over the year, you will help create dependable funding for our training program, simplifying our ability to have the maximum impact with your gifts.

Join the campaign and be part of the Amplifiers for Good today! Sign up for recurring donations with ease by clicking "Donate"!


So grateful for you! Tracy Hitchcock, CEO with the CCG Board of Directors

If you have any questions around monthly giving or engaging in any other way please contact our offices at 208-258-6800.


Annie McLeodComment