CCG reunites with Katy Osuna for a night of impact: Supperclub

Meet Katy Osuna:I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Katy, a woman near and dear to my heart. I met Katy when she worked at CCG as the Food Programs Manager. Her heart and passion to serve others, go the extra mile to polish her work, and natural talent in the kitchen is evident in everything she does.

Katy’s early memories of food take place in her grandmother’s kitchen, standing at the kitchen sink helping to wash potatoes. She was the first person in Katy’s life to spark her love of food, which set her on her culinary path. After graduating the College of Idaho with a degree in anthropology, Katy joined the CCG team as the Food Program Manager. In the winter of 2015, Katy decided to pursue her love of the culinary arts by attending the International Culinary Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she is currently working at the Michelin-starred restaurant Plumed Horse. The Supperclub menu is an “Idaho” version of the menu that won Katy the San Francisco Culinary Clash at the Michelin-starred restaurant, LUCE, and which she is presenting at an international culinary competition in Mexico City in May 2016.

On June 2nd, the Treasure Valley will be treated to a wonderful evening at Create Common Good. At 6:00pm, the doors will open to guests of Supperclub. They will have a moment to relax, sip delicious wine, and converse with other like-minded individuals. At 6:30, guests move into the dining room - by day, this space serves as space for food prep, manufacturing, and packaging for CCG's food production business as well as valuable kitchen space for hands on foodservice job training. On this particular night, this high functioning space quiets to a beautiful, formal dining space. Equipment is moved, tables are rearranged, pots and pans disappear to leave behind an open room, perfect for impactful conversations, laughter, and fantastic food.

Once everyone takes their seat, the real fun begins. The evening is introduced by Angie Tuft, CCG's Director of Operations and HR. The program for the night is as follows: words from the wine sponsor of the evening, distinguished guests in the room, and finally from Katy Osuna, the event's special guest chef. Osuna will walk the guests through the incredible menu she has carefully and thoughtfully prepared (check out Osuna's menu below). As the courses are served, wine is poured, and conversation fills the room, Osuna leads the kitchen crew through each impeccably designed plate.

After the main course is cleared, Angie addresses the room once again, this time to introduce a very special guest. At each event, a current or former CCG Job Training program trainee volunteers to share their story with the room. During this time, the trainee talks of their past, how they came to CCG, what they've learned in the program, and most importantly, what their dreams are for the future. From the heart and candid, this moment is unique to each event and truly highlights the perseverance of every individual that comes through CCG's doors. Following this incredibly special moment is the final course of the evening - dessert. The perfect amount of sweetness to top off a night rich with flavor and emotion.

Take a look at the creative and tasty menu crafted by Osuna: Click on the image to expand.

Tickets are selling quickly, purchase yours today!  Visit: See you on June 2nd!