Good things can come your way

Originally from Baghdad, Aman* found herself on her own in a new country, fleeing an abusive relationship. After making connections to the WCA in Boise, Aman was referred to CCG’s job training program where she quickly excelled. Her drive to learn and succeed set her apart and excited her fellow classmates. While it was clear she would become a great foodservice employee from the start, Aman’s heart remained with her former profession as a flight attendant. CCG worked with Aman to find employment with Delaware North at the Boise Airport, returning her to the airport atmosphere she loves. Through this job, she has experienced an increase in wage of $2/hr, earned a raise, and has developed a network of support in the many other CCG graduates employed at the airport. She is a strong employee and CCG has received great feedback from her managers.

This is an important first step for Aman to return to her beloved career as a flight attendant in her new home in the US.

Aman said this about her experience at CCG:

"I am so thankful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Create Common Good Job Training program. Through my participation in Create Common Good it helped me become a more confident individual. I also learned that it was okay to make mistakes and that I could keep going and try better next time. The staff at Create Common Good was so warm and very caring, there was not one day that I did not feel supported in my training.

Since I have graduated from the class, I have had the opportunity to become employed and am doing something that I never thought possible. I am excited for the possibilities in the future and am glad to be able to show my family that with hard work and dedication, good things can come your way."

*Name changed for security