A personal statement about CCG

This trainee testimony was shared with us by our partners at the Women's and Children's Alliance.   "I am so thankful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Create Common Good foodservice job training program. Through my participation in Create Common Good, I have become a more confident individual. I also learned that it is okay to make mistakes and that I can keep going and try better next time. The staff at Create Common Good was so warm and very caring, there was not one day that I did not feel supported in my training.

Since I have graduated from the class, I have had the opportunity to become employed and am doing something that I never thought was possible. I am excited for the possibilities in the future and am glad to be able to show my family that with hard work and dedication good things can come your way."

We are proud to work with the WCA and support those they serve. You know what they say, #TogetherWeAreStronger.