Change is hard...and so exciting!

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Hello Everyone!

 As you know, CCG is accomplishing great things in our community and impacting the lives of our neighbors in significant ways.  It is because of this impact, that I have treasured my time leading CCG.  It is with a huge amount of emotion that, after over three years, I am resigning as CEO effective in January 2019.

 I started as a volunteer with CCG back in 2012.  As a Strategic Advisory Board member, I got to learn more deeply about what CCG was building toward and felt excited about the mission of serving others using foodservice skills as a vehicle to move into self-sufficiency.  In late 2015, I was given the opportunity to move into the role of CEO and my life will never be the same.

 I was able to come into CCG and take it from an energetic start-up into a more stable, sustainable organization (but still energetic!).  It’s been my privilege to lead a phenomenal staff through a time of great achievement including: 


  •   Taking a 4-week program into a structured 8-week curriculum that teaches to a multitude of adult learning styles and ensures our grads leave empowered to create a bright future of employment

  • Ensuring metrics are captured and recorded so we know our mission is serving the most people in the best way

  • Building our brand awareness via impactful story telling resulting in a 297% growth in individual donors

  • Implementing process & procedure so our programs and services can scale to serve even more people in the future

 Since its founding ten years ago, CCG has served over 728 people directly, but we know that thousands of others have been impacted as stable employment supports housing, nutrition, education and mental health of children and all family members.  As such, it is our strategic imperative to expand our training programs into west Treasure Valley so we can serve the people who need our programs most.  

 The CCG Board of Directors has graciously invited me to become a member of the board and I enthusiastically accept!  I’m thrilled to know that I will continue to be a part of CCG’s growth and impact as well as staying close to the beautiful human beings we have the honor of serving. 

 As you all know, I love Create Common Good. It has been my privilege and honor to work with you and serve the hundreds of people that have come to us as they choose a new path.  Nonprofit is a challenging industry and I have learned a ton.  I believe that I have achieved what I set out to do as CCG’s leader and now it is time for the organization to experience fresh perspective and energy as we move into this next chapter.  Please stay tuned as the Board works to find the next leader for CCG!!

 Lastly, I hope you will join me in continuing to support all of CCG’s efforts to invest in the people of our communities who need us most.  It’s how we collectively take part in ensuring the growth of our Valley is healthy and equitable for all who live here.  Thank you and see you soon!

Tracy Hitchcock



CCG Admin