Community Collaboration to Tackle Domestic Violence


“I learned a ton, but what I learned about myself was amazing,” Ruby said. “Graduating from Create Common Good was more exciting than graduating with my master’s degree. … I just felt like, ‘I did it!’ And people that I didn’t know before believed in me and said, ‘You’re worthy of living a peaceful life.’”

Create Common Good graduate Ruby recently sat down with Chris Langrill of St. Luke's to discuss her journey out of domestic violence and the lasting impact of the collaboration between the WCA and CCG on her and others like her as they start down a new path in life. 

Working together with St. Lukes' and the Women's and Children's Alliance, we provide a safe place where women leaving their abusers can rediscover their self-worth, confidence and independence. Survivors like Ruby are a perfect example of what this community collaboration along with determination and lots of courage can accomplish.

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